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Ultimate Savings Plan

Care-Free Package


for first heating & A/C system*


for each additional system

Additional Options:
• Two 1-inch pleated filter changes a year +$3 per month
• AprilAire or 5-inch media filter change once a year
+$5 per month
• Humidifier/dehumidifier cleaning +$6 per month
• Tankless water heater cleaning +$12 per month
per system

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* Billed on a monthly basis. One-year requirement. After one year, customer can cancel at any time. Remaining balance is due immediately if canceled before one year.

Awesome Maintenance—

At Your Service!

To maintain total indoor comfort all year long, it’s important to protect your investment. To help with this, Top Flight offers a reliable, affordable maintenance program that will not only add longevity to your system, but will bring you total peace of mind.

When you become a maintenance plan member, you enjoy a wide array of additional benefits with our Ultimate Savings Plan. These include:
• Two scheduled visits each year*
• 15% off all service repairs
• No overtime charges
• Priority service
• Improved indoor air quality as a result
of a clean system
• Energy savings
• Reduced risk of breakdowns
• No charge for drain line clearings

Membership Benefits—

Yep, They’re Pretty Cool

When you sign up for an ultimate savings plan you’re in good hands all year round. Here’s why: In addition to the awesome extras you gain, our Ultimate Savings Plan also includes two precision tune-ups to your heating and air conditioning system per year. All you have to do is reach out to our team to schedule! 

These precision tune-ups include:
• Test system operation
• Test refrigerant pressures
• Test components for proper rating
• Test all safety switches
• Test amp draw on units
• Test Delta T (performance)
• Clean indoor coils
• Clean indoor drain pan
• Clean indoor cabinet
• Clean outdoor coils and unit
• Clean condensate drains
• Clean or replace filter (customer provided)