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Air Conditioning Repair Services in Sussex County, DE

Here in Delaware, we rely on our air conditioners to keep us cool and comfortable during the warmer months. But when these important HVAC systems fail, things can quickly get uncomfortable — not to mention the cost of an AC repair or replacement can be scary when unexpected.

Don’t let a surprise breakdown make you sweat in the hot summer sun. Contact Delaware’s best AC repair company: Top Flight Heating & Air! We specialize in air conditioning repair services in Sussex County, DE, so your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool when you need it most. Learn more about our air conditioning services below, or call our HVAC company now for prompt, reliable service any time of the year!

Your Local Home Air Conditioning Repair Professionals

We are honored to be considered a top residential air conditioning repair company in Delaware. Our licensed and insured AC repair specialists are available around the clock for air conditioning repair services in Sussex County, DE, serving these DE locations:

  • Milton
  • Lewes
  • Rehoboth Beach
  • Milford
  • Millsboro
  • Georgetown


Broken Fan? Unresponsive Unit? Our Home AC Repair Contractors Can Help!

As Delaware’s leading residential air conditioning repair company, we’ve seen it all when it comes to air conditioner problems. That’s why we offer a full suite of air conditioning repair services in Sussex County, DE, as well as AC installation and AC maintenance.

Our AC repair specialists service all types of air conditioning units, from older window units to brand-new heat pump systems. No matter its age, level of usage, or energy efficiency, your HVAC system is in safe hands with our home AC repair contractors! Get a free estimate anytime for air conditioning services, and we’ll let you know what you can expect.

Keeping Your AC Unit Healthy: A Homeowner’s Guide

Homeowners should regularly assess their AC units at least twice a year to ensure they are running effectively. As a part of any at-home HVAC assessment, we recommend that homeowners check up on:

Air Filters

Depending on the manufacturer and material, you should change your AC unit’s air filters once a month. Individual air filter packaging identifies how often you should change each type of filter. Clogged filters can lead to less air flow and poor indoor air quality; it can also reduce the life expectancy of your heating and cooling unit.


Your unit’s thermostat should display temperatures accurately and be able to maintain air conditioner settings with little input from you. Improperly functioning thermostats make your AC unit work harder to cool the space, which makes it much harder to save money on your energy bills. While checking your thermostat, be sure to inspect the unit’s batteries in case they need to be replaced.

Outdoor Units

Outdoor AC units should be kept debris-free. Debris can clog filters and ducts, reducing the efficiency of the unit or causing damage. If your AC unit is filthy, have it cleaned ASAP. We’d be more than happy to tackle this job for you!

Signs You Need a Residential Air Conditioning Repair Company

If your air conditioner develops a problem, it’s essential to contact an AC repair company sooner rather than later for air conditioning repair services in Sussex County, DE. Contact our home air conditioning repair professionals ASAP if you spot any of the following common unit issues:

Frequent Cycling

Your air conditioning unit should cycle on when the temperature in your home rises above the set cooling temperature. It should automatically cycle off once it reaches the adequate temperature. Your cooling unit is working insufficiently if it regularly cycles on and off. "Short-cycling," as it's commonly called, leads to uneven cooling in the home and periods in which hot air blows into the house. Frequent cycling also leads to more wear and tear on the system, reducing its lifespan and overall efficiency. If this problem is happening in your living space, contact our technicians for repairs or to discuss installing a new HVAC system.

Uneven Cooling or Hot Air Blowing From AC Unit

Most HVAC units — both heating and cooling systems — utilize condenser coils and compressors. The compressor and condenser coils in an air conditioning unit work together to remove heat from the air entering your home and turn it into cold air. When these components aren't working properly, they cannot adequately cool the air coming into your home. Not only is this uncomfortable for the people in your home, but it can also cost you more in energy bills. If you experience this issue frequently, it's time to get in touch with our service technicians to discuss repair or replacement options.

Unit Freeze-Ups

As the intense heat of the summer begins in Sussex County, it can be tempting to keep your air conditioner on for as long as possible. However, constantly running the unit to keep the home cool can lead to the condenser coils freezing up. The unit can stop working when the condenser coils freeze over, resulting in a lack of cool air during the summer. To prevent condenser coil freeze-ups, monitor the coolant in your system and keep the AC system temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. During your annual tune-up appointment, our expert technicians can check your equipment for signs of this common problem and recommend any repairs or replacement options.

Unexpected Noises or Smells

HVAC equipment is far from noiseless, so certain air conditioner noises and smells are normal to experience in your home. For example, you may hear the fan blade spinning when you turn on the air conditioning. In fact, not hearing the fan blade spinning can be an indicator that the HVAC unit is off or not functioning. However, if something sounds or smells unusual, your air conditioning unit may have a mechanical or electrical issue. These issues can be minor and easy to repair, but problems can worsen quickly if you don't book professional air conditioning system service. Contact a Sussex County professional as soon as you notice your air conditioning system malfunctioning.

Finding the Right Air Conditioning Company

There are dozens of air conditioning repair and installation companies to choose from in the Sussex County area. While each company may offer unique services and deals, finding the right air conditioning service company is essential.

Ways to find the right company for you include:

  • Review local company websites
  • Read online reviews
  • Talk with family and friends
  • Check for license numbers

Licensed, Bonded, Insured, & Certified


All AC servicing companies must be fully licensed by the state they work in to provide heating and air conditioning services. Every state has different licensing requirements, but in general, licensing ensures that the company maintains thoroughly trained and qualified technicians. Licensing also proves experience and skill so that homeowners can choose a team with confidence.


A bonded air conditioning service company purchases protection for the homeowner for the work or services provided. In case repair fails or causes damage, the homeowners can seek compensation.


HVAC companies must be insured to cover expenses for equipment damages or employee injuries that occur on homeowner property. The difference between being bonded and being insured is that insurance protects the company, and bonding protects the homeowner.


If technicians complete additional training, air conditioning companies can be certified by manufacturers to repair and sell their specific units. This means technicians have been approved to install, maintain, repair, and replace that manufacturer's equipment and understand proper installation practices, common issues, and standard repair techniques.

Air conditioning service companies are not required to be specifically certified; however, certification does say a lot about technical skills and experience. At Top Flight, we're proud to say that our team is certified to work with several top HVAC brands, so you can call us with confidence anytime you need to install, repair, or replace HVAC equipment!

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