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We rely on our air conditioners to keep us cool and comfortable during the year’s warmer months, so it can be disheartening when our air conditioners aren’t running correctly. In addition, the cost of an AC repair or replacement can be scary when unexpected.

Don’t let a surprise breakdown keep you in the heat. Contact Top Flight Heating & Air, Rehoboth, DE, for your air conditioning repair needs. We can ensure your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool when you need it most.

Homeowner Assessments for AC Repair

We rely on our air conditioners to keep us cool and comfortable during the year’s warmer months, so it can be disheartening when our air conditioners aren’t running correctly. In addition, the cost of an AC repair or replacement can be scary when unexpected.

Don’t let a surprise breakdown keep you in the heat. Contact Top Flight Heating & Air, Rehoboth, DE, for your air conditioning repair needs. We can ensure your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool when you need it most.

As a homeowner, you should regularly assess your unit at least twice a year to check that your air conditioning and heating system are running effectively. Do not wait until you are experiencing apparent issues to begin your evaluation for AC repair. It may be too late. 

As a part of each homeowner’s HVAC assessment, you should check:

  • Air filters
  • Thermostat
  • Outdoor unit

You should change the air filters once a month, depending on the manufacturer and material. Individual air filter packaging identifies how often you should change each type of filter. Clogged filters can lead to less air flow and poor indoor air quality; it can also reduce the life expectancy of your heating and cooling unit.

Thermostats should read accurate temperatures and maintain air conditioner settings with little input from you. Improperly functioning thermostats make the AC unit work harder to cool the space. When performing routine maintenance on your HVAC, check the thermostat batteries to ensure they don’t need replacing.
Outdoor AC units should be debris-free. Debris can clog filters and ducts, reducing the efficiency of the unit or causing damage.

In addition, your AC unit should function without making odd noises like screeching or thumping. If you hear abnormal noises coming from your unit, it’s time to call the professionals.

A homeowner assessment ensures your system runs smoothly and identifies potential problems early. There are certain maintenance steps you can do on your own, but you should never attempt mechanical or electrical repairs on your own unless trained to do so. When either of these issues arises, it is essential to call technicians with the right equipment and expertise to fix the problem.

Common AC Repair Issues in Rehoboth, DE

Contact a professional for air conditioning repair services if you spot any of the following common problems:

  • Increased energy bills
  • Frequent cycling on and off
  • Uneven cooling
  • Warm air blowing
  • Odd noises or smells
  • Broken compressor
  • Frozen condenser coils
  • Unit not working at all

Frequent Cycling

Your unit should cycle on when the temperature in your home rises above the set cooling temperature. It should automatically cycle off once it reaches the adequate temperature. A consistently cooling system should maintain cool temperatures without cycling on and off multiple times throughout the day.

Your cooling unit is working insufficiently if it regularly cycles on and off. Short cycling leads to uneven cooling in the home and periods in which hot air blows into the house. Frequent cycling also leads to more wear and tear on the system, reducing its lifespan and overall efficiency.

Short cycling means the system is running inefficiently, which leads to higher energy bills as the system works harder to maintain the same temperature.

Uneven Cooling and Hot Air

The compressor and condenser coils in an air conditioning unit work together to remove heat from the air entering your home and turn it into cold air. Uneven cooling and hot air occur when these components do not adequately cool the air coming into your home.


As the intense heat of the Rehoboth, DE, summer approaches, we tend to keep our air conditioner on as long as possible. However, constant running of the unit to keep the home cool can lead to the condenser coils freezing up. The unit can stop working when the condenser coils freeze over, resulting in a lack of cool air during the summer.

While freeze-ups can be common, they cause unnecessary outages in your unit. To prevent condenser coil freeze-ups, monitor the coolant in your system and keep the temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Noises and Smells

Some noises and smells are natural. For example, you may hear the fan blade spinning when you turn on your unit. In fact, not hearing the fan blade spinning can be an indicator that the unit is off or not functioning.

Strange noises and smells often indicate a mechanical or electrical issue. These issues could be anything from overheated wiring to loose mechanical parts. Component failures can be noisy but can also lead to leaks and water build-up in the system, which cause odorous mold and mildew conditions.

Any of these issues can be minor and easy to repair. However, these problems can worsen quickly if you don't address them early. Contact a professional as soon as you notice your unit malfunctioning.

If you find issues not listed here, review our page for FAQ's regarding air conditioning repair.

Regular Maintenance

Assessments by the homeowner and professionals can go a long way to ensuring your unit continues to work correctly. Regular maintenance can identify problems early, prevent unnecessary AC repairs, and extend the life of your unit. The average unit should last between ten and 15 years, depending on the average use, make, and model. 

At Top Flight Heating & Air, we offer multiple maintenance packages to suit your needs and keep your unit running longer. Our maintenance packages in Rehoboth, DE, include:

  • Priority scheduling
  • Annual checkups two times a year
  • Warranties on parts and labor
  • Discounts on repairs and replacements

Conduct regular assessments and schedule annual checkups to prevent unexpected breakdowns and failures in your unit.

Since we don’t interact with our heating and cooling units very often, it can be challenging to remember to conduct assessments or schedule checkups. A significant advantage to having a maintenance plan is that we do the remembering for you. We will contact you to monitor and schedule your annual checkups.

Considerations for Replacement

The average air conditioner should last up to 15 years. Our air conditioners experience more frequent breakdowns requiring repairs as they reach that age. When this happens, it is time to consider a replacement. 

The average homeowner doesn’t know when it is the right time to replace their air conditioning unit. The professionals will tell you to replace your unit if the following applies:

  • Unit is older than ten years old
  • Monthly energy costs are increasing
  • Continuous leaks
  • Repetitive and ongoing repairs

The professionals will also recommend a replacement if the average yearly cost of maintenance repairs equals 30% of the cost of buying a new system. The cost of a new system averages between $3000 and $8000, depending on size, make, and model.

The Right Air Conditioning Service Company in Rehoboth, DE

There are dozens of air conditioning repair and installation companies to choose from in the local area. However, not all air conditioning companies are the same.

While each company may offer unique services and deals, finding the right air conditioning service company is essential. The right company makes you feel comfortable and can address issues and concerns you may have.

Tips for finding the right company for you include:

  • Review local company websites
  • Read online reviews
  • Talk with family and friends
  • Check for license numbers

Quality AC servicing companies should offer estimates in writing and should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Qualified technicians should also carry badges identifying their qualifications, arrive in uniform, treat your home like their own, and be able to explain issues in understandable terms.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured AC Servicing

All AC servicing companies must be fully licensed by the state they work in to provide heating and air conditioning services. Licensing ensures that the company maintains thoroughly trained and qualified technicians and provides adequate and safe services. Licensing proves experience and skill, but every state has different licensing requirements.

A bonded air conditioning service company purchases protection for the homeowner for the work or services provided. If the work or service fails, causes damage, or is otherwise not functioning correctly, the homeowners can seek compensation.

Companies must also be insured to cover expenses for equipment damages or employee injuries that occur on homeowner property. With insurance, you file the claims for damages and injuries with the company's insurance policy rather than through the homeowner's insurance. The difference between bonded and insured is that insurance protects the company, and bonding protects the homeowner.


With additional training, air conditioning companies can be certified by manufacturers to repair and sell their specific units. This can be an advantage if the top manufacturers approve the company. It means they are trained on their equipment and understand proper installation practices, common issues, and standard repair techniques to serve you better.

Air conditioning service companies are not required to be specifically certified; however, certification does say a lot about their technical skills and experience.

AC Servicing from Top Flight Heating & Air

Top Flight Heating & Air is your local leader for HVAC servicing, maintenance, and installations when you need AC repair near me. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including emergency services, so you don’t have to suffer any longer than necessary. We offer all our services at affordable rates and back our work with warranties so you can be confident in our team and the results we produce.

At Top Flight Heating & Air, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our reliable services begin with thorough diagnostics to ensure we accurately pinpoint your issues and conduct effective repairs. We use only tested solutions to get your system back up and running at peak performance. 

Our friendly and professional Rehoboth technicians have the necessary training to repair, maintain, and install all air conditioning makes and models. We are also qualified to keep and sell high-quality Trane makes and models. We provide options for the best air conditioning units on the market to meet your needs.

We put the needs of our customers first because we know how frustrating it can be to have a malfunctioning air conditioner. We install what you need, including a room air conditioner.

Our air conditioning installation services in Rehoboth, DE, include:

  • Ductless units
  • Air handlers
  • HVAC coils
  • Heat pumps
  • Installation packages that include heating and air

AC Repair Near Me in Rehoboth, DE

Just like your home, your air conditioning unit is an investment. When your unit shows signs of aging or inefficiency, do not hesitate to call the professionals of Top Flight Heating & Air. We can help maintain your unit with regularly scheduled checkups and efficient repairs.

Let us address any concerns or questions you may have about effective and efficient cooling and air conditioning repair. Contact Top Flight Heating & Air in Rehoboth, DE, at (866) 533-HVAC for “AC repair near me” and schedule a free consultation. If you have further questions, check out our page for FAQ’s regarding air conditioning repair.